Below you will find our set prices for tours. If you have any enquiries regarding groups prices, longer tours or would like to visit other parts of Ireland please contact us directly via the contact form on the contact page.

belfast taxi tours big Es


Tours last 1.5-2 hours and are priced as on right. Longer tours are available on request, and cabs are for hire to take you anywhere in Ireland including The Giant's Causeway. Contact Big E for details of prices and bookings.

belfast taxi tours big Es sightseeing


1-3 passengers

£40.00stg (Total)

4+ passengers

£15.00stg per person

belfast taxi tours big Es sightseeing


All drivers are experienced tour guides and have worked with me on Belfast tours for the past 23 years. Drivers will be from both sides of the community.


Some Belfast tour websites advertise lower prices on their websites than what is charged on the day of the tour, with guides using the excuse that the websites have not been updated, yet emails confirming the bookings make no mention of the price difference. Big E guarantees that prices advertised on this website will be the actual price charged on the day of the tour, whether the website needs updating or not!

If you come to Belfast as a group and need more than one taxi, all cabs will travel together and the tour will be done for you as one group, and the guides/drivers will be from both sides of the divide, each taking turns to explain the local politics and history of their own communities.